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Restaurant POS

A complete solution for your restaurant’s technology, operations and marketing needs. All within an integrated framework.

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Warehouse Management

The project “Warehouse Management System” provides us a simple interface for maintenance of Shops information.

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Human Resource Management

HRMS is the human resource management system which combines the HR functions of the organization with technology

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Sales & Distribution

Sales and Distribution assists the customers in issues related to the quotations, sales order and billing.

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Production Management

Production is a line activity in any business organization. It is, as matter of fact, gateway to the road of progress.

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Logistics & Chain Management

Recognizing the growing supply chain complexity, companies became highly interested in supply chain management.

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Restaurant App,
orders next to table

Increased service levels, No errors, pilferage

30% increase in order processing time

100% guest satisfaction

Save 60% of your steward walking time

Increase your table turn around time upto 40%

40% increase in loyal customers

Friendly support from
the retail professionals

A different level of assessment to discover learning and coping challenges is what we specialize our agents to. We bring Customer satisfaction and enjoyable experience to our patron.

Our trust is what we give you. Rely upon us to get the best in your business and build value for business.